Winton Gymnastics

Incentive Awards

The Winton Gymnastics class is held at the CSC College gym from 3.30 - 4.30pm and 4.30 - 5.30pm every Thursday. It is run during term time on days when school is on. This class is a satellite class of St Bernadette's Gym Club based in Dunedin. It follows the Gymsports New Zealand Incentive awards programme. This Incentive programme teaches basic conditioning and gymnastics skills. Children will have the opportunity to earn badges and certificates through this programme. They will be completing the Artistic Gymnastics badges.

Training Attire

Gymnasts should ideally wear a leotard or tight fitting clothing.  Other clothing could obstruct movement which is a safety concern. No clothing with zips. Belts, zips, jewellery, watches, fitbits should not be worn as sharp obects could damage our equipment. Earing studs are acceptable. Hair must be tied up and out of the gymnasts face and eyes.


The cost for the term is $80 dollars. 


The current coach for this class is Tessa Henderson (Head coach).


Due to popular demand there is currently a waitlist for this class. Please send all enquires to