Behaviour Contract

This is our behaviour contract which will be given to all competitive gymnasts.

All gymnasts in the Competitive Programme are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. Gymnasts must be respectful towards the coaches, other gymnasts, all staff and parents at the club. Gymnasts need to take training seriously when they are in the gym in order to meet the standards of being in the Competitive Programme.

Gymnasts need to be engaged in order to make the most of their session. They need to be proactive and take it upon themselves to keep practising if a coach is occupied with another gymnast. Gymnasts are not allowed to interact with parents who may be watching during a training session as it is distracting and takes their focus away from the coach and their gymnastics.

Gymnasts are expected to treat the gymnasium and all equipment with respect. There may be times where gymnasts will be asked to help set up equipment for club events.

Gymnasts need to trust their coach who has a great deal of knowledge, follow their instructions and accept and act on feedback if they wish to achieve their full potential. Ultimately the gymnast is the one who needs to do the work! Gymnasts are in the Competitive Programme because they have potential but no matter how great their potential is, if they don’t do the work they won’t progress.