Our Coaches

Coaches for 2024

Tuesday St Bernadette's school lunch time class -  Dyan O'Malley

Tuesday Recreation -  Dyan O'Malley, Steph Tocher

Tuesday Comp class - Dyan O'Malley, Steph Tocher

Wednesday Comp Class - Aimee Taylor, 

Thursday Recreation - Dyan O'Malley, Steph Tocher

Thursday Comp Class - Dyan O'Malley, Steph Tocher

Saturday Senior  Comp Class - Dyan O'Malley, Steph Tocher  Angela Cromb,  Kirsten Carter

Saturday Junior Comp Class - Dyan O'Malley, Steph Tocher, Cassie Horo, Sasha Lamb, Nuala Kelly

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