Please ensure you register for your correct class:

Recreation classes

Monday or Wednesday Gym fun class (Beginner gymnastics)- Girls aged 5 - 8 years

Monday Boys  - Boys aged 5+

Tuesdays or Thursday Recreation class - Girls aged 7+ years

St Bernadette's Lunch time Group 

This class is only available for students of this school.

Winton class

This is open to everyone in the Central Southland area. Classes run from 3.30-4.30pm or 4.30-5.30pm on Thursdays - Girls age 6+.

Competition gymnasts

Our competition classes are by invitation only and will not be available to register for on the sign up page.

If you are a competitive gymnast please register for your recreation class -  Monday for MAG.  Tuesday or Thursday for WAG. 

You will receive a recreation invoice and once we have assigned your competition class you will receive a compeitition invoice for the difference in fee.